Day VFR equipment

Required Instruments

CASR Part 91 MOS Division 26.3

An aeroplane subject operating under the visual flight rules (VFR) by day is subject to the following instrument carriage requirements:

  • indicated airspeed;
  • pressure altitude;
  • magnetic heading;
  • time;
  • Mach number — but only for an aeroplane with operating limitations expressed in terms of Mach number;
  • turn and slip — but only for an aeroplane conducting an aerial work operation;
  • outside air temperature — but only for an aeroplane conducting an aerial work operation from an aerodrome at which ambient air temperature is not available from ground-based instruments.

Specifications – Specific Instruments

The pressure altitude instrument must:

  • have an adjustable datum scale calibrated in millibars or hPa; and
  • be calibrated in ft, except that, if a flight is conducted in a foreign country which measures FLs or altitudes in metres, the equipment must be calibrated in metres, or fitted with a conversion placard or device.

The magnetic heading instrument must be:

  • a direct reading magnetic compass; or
  • both:
    • a remote indicating compass; and
    • a standby direct reading magnetic compass.

The time instrument must:

  • display accurate time in hours, minutes and seconds; and
  • the equipment must be:
    • fitted to the aircraft; or
    • worn by, or immediately accessible to, the pilot for the duration of the flight.